Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Try to increase the level of toleration | Personality development traits

Level of toleration differs from person to person. But its always beneficial for all of us to increase the level of toleration. More we tolerate, better rewards in long run through it. I am still in this process of increasing my toleration power and sometimes i am able to tolerate everything comes to me whether its in the negative side and sometimes not. Sometimes even small things can hamper my toleration power. I know this is not good but man is made to practice and become perfect.

My main motive to share this article is basically to show why toleration is better than to react on each and every point of time, but this doesn't mean that one is coward or don't have the guts to stand against. Remember the trees which don't bends during the storm get down to death but the trees with flexible trunks can survive even the most dangerous storms too.

So toleration gives you power to know the limits of others while knowing their weakness too. The man who is tolerating others are actually gets to know the weaknesses of others as anger makes the man to show his own weak points to other and is always a silent killer.

Tolerance makes you tougher and tougher but will not makes you coward, for example an incident happened to me during the Navratri (Durga Puja) celebrations where i waited for 10 minutes to fuel my tank and when my turn comes another person started shouting to get fueled his tank. Petrol pump employees asked me calmly to wait for sometimes. I waited and let the person fueled first. And then i get the chance to fuel my tank. Now that was just the matter of few more minutes, but it also shows that if one can wait like a civilized human being for 10-15 minutes , can't he wait for another 5 minutes.

This what makes me feel good. I was not weaker than that person physically and can easily shouted with him for the chance to get fueled first. But why should i waste my precious energy on uncivilized beasts. I was smiling at him and he too got the feeling of mine and after some time he was not able to see in my eyes. He was feeling guilty of what he had done and still I was as calm as i could be.

Tolerance has given me great advantages under difficult situations. Its often seen that the person with less toleration power leads to criminal activities. He/she can't hold of his/her anger and does something which should not be done. Tolerance doesn't mean patients at all the cases. Patients is always associated with something positively done where as tolerance is associated with the negative deeds.

A book writer needs patients to get his book done where as a liquor shop owner needs tolerance to deal with the drunk customers....

So my friends it always required to increase your tolerance power with patients. .... Start this practice as early as possible and you will find less reasons to regret...

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  1. thanks for this post

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