Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Positive thinking Vs. negative thinking.

Most of us often think about what and how should we think? What should be done in order to optimize our thinking process? How negative thinking or positive thinking will effect us? In long run which is going to be best for us Positive thinking or the negative thinking?
When you will start the process of searching the answers of these questions either by you elders or by books or even through internet, you will find that most of the answers given to you will influence you towards the positive thinking. But is it true always? Is it always profitable to think positively?
No, not always. In-fact what I am going to share here is not absolutely correct and i am also not biased towards the negative or positive thinking. I always believe something in between the both.
My basic formula for thinking is to think differently under different circumstances. This means when you have created something and needs comments from others on it. Immediately start negative thinking. Think what should be the drawbacks of you products and how to overcome them. If everybody starts praising you at once don't start thinking positively at that point of time because positive thinking is as good as negative thinking. Positive thinking gives you positiveness while negative thinking gives you negativeness. When you have blend of both you will lead to a better life. As we always know the ultimate destiny of positivity and the negativity is to become neutral. They can't find stability unless they become neutral.
So in order to make you life stable immediately start thinking on both the aspects of every decision and the react according to it.
An example to justify my point of thinking positive and negative in different situation would be as follows.
Suppose a student is going to give an exam. He should be filled with full of positive energy. Whatever he knows at that time, he should think papers are prepared with those chapters only.
But when he is going for the results , he should always opt for the negative thinking and start thinking that whatever he was expecting he will not get marks up to that extent. This will give him the courage to face the reality if his results are not too good. And give him full of pleasure if his results are better than he expects.
My main focus here is everything should be in balanced in your life. Positive thinking can make you over confident which could lead you to a failure and negative thinking can make you more courageous which could lead you to be more patient and develop fight back attitude.
So make you mind focused on the basic principles. The thing for which you are getting positive energy...you should give negative energy back to it and vice-versa. This will maintain the equilibrium of negative and positive energetic and also leads to its destiny i.e. neutral. Because ultimately everything is going to be neutral.....

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  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Positive thinking