Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best freeware applications - I

Hi all, here is the list of the applications I prefer to use in my day to day activities.

  1. Launchy and Slick Run: For those who have plenty of applications in their windows system and need to launch a particular application directly just by typing the initial of the applications, Launchy is for them. Slick Run is also an effective way of launching files and location but you have to create a shortcut for each location and have to manage them manually. Launchy provides auto listing catalogs on bookmarks, program files and also offers you to add locations of you choice.

  2. Everything: The best and lightning fast search tool I have ever seen yet. It supports the ntfs partition and is able to run on windows 2000 and higher. It also offers to search through the network locations. The best part of it is that it uses the ntfs file system records rather than maintaining its own. That's why its fast and always updated.

  3. Advanced System Care and Iobit 360: I am using both the tool for maintaining my system from various system errors, registry errors, threats, spy-wares and all. They also provide many useful utilities like defrag hard-disk, chkdsk, optimize system, optimize internet settings, optimize ram and periodic cleaning and freeing ram and many more. One will not regret once started using it.

  4. QtTabBar and Breadcrumb Toolbar: Both of them are the addon to you default explorer and adds many features to you existing windows explorer, specially those who uses windows xp and required features of vista without compromising speed e.g. multiple tabs, search on the current location, remember the folders last opened, show the address bar as breadcrumb, easier to navigate on other location etc.

  5. Firefox addons i.e. FoxMarks and side tab bar: FoxMarks is very useful when you want to be in synch with the bookmarks, passwords and history on multiple locations e.g. home and office. Side tab bar addon provides the ability to view the tabs in tree order so that you can collapse and expand multiple tabs whenever you want and its also suitable for you wide screen views.

  6. Google reader: One of the best feed reader I have found and is very simple to use and uses the same userid you have for the gmail. You can share and follow others blogs too and this can help you to be in touch of the world and enhance your knowledge as well.

  7. Evernote: It is the note making tool and is very handy and effective for making a collection of your notes. It provides you very useful feature of searching even in the images, tagging notes, publishing notes and many more..

  8. Pop Peeper and Thunderbird: Freeware email clients Pop Peeper used for giving an alert to the clients whenever new mail arrives. Although it also provides you the features necessary for general purpose email clients like mailing, archiving mails, auto check for mails etc. Thunderbird is heavier and provides you the feature of creating forward rules, filtering rules, folders etc..

  9. Pspad: Freeware text editor with the power of formatting multiple languages including PHP, VB, JAVA, C#, ASP, SQL, JSP etc. Also have a good regex search and text difference comparison tool. Its actively becoming one of the good text editor with an easier interface on windows.

  10. Winmerge: Its a freeware tool to view the differences between the docs and merge them according to you need. It also offers you to view differences between entire directly and merge them.

  11. Teracopy: It is a basic cut,copy,paste, move tool for windows but enhancing features like auto renaming etc. It shows the list of file moved. It also shows you the speed of data traveling. Once major advantage of this is if a file contains multiple documents and few of them are corrupted or could not be copied, it will leave them and copy the rest of the files and show you the list of files it was unable to copied.

  12. Avast Antivirus and Comodo internet suite: As we know Avast anti-virus is one of the best freeware anti virus solution and Comodo is having one of the best firewall. Comodo also provides you the anti-viruss with malware and adware protection.

Hope you have found some of the above as useful as I have.

Few more are coming...

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