Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Customize Email notification layout in mantis bug tracker | Custom Email layout in mantis bug tracker | Email layout cusmize in mantis

No doubt Mantis is a great bug tracker and the plug-in support of this web application is really cool and useful. In my office I am administrating the Mantis bug tracker. Hence my colleagues requested me to customize the layout of the Mantis Email notifications. They don't want detailed mails and just wanted short note regarding the issues. At that time I was not aware with the Mantis in depth. So taken it as a challenge. I have gone through Mantis document and googled it. Found nothing very promising. This was a great surprise to me as Mantis is one of the most used open source Bug tracker and yet don't have the support of customized email notifications. The most favorable link I got from the Google was -

But my problem was yet to be solved, so I had decided to find the exact file responsible for the layout of the email notification. After 1 or 2 days of brainstorming and searching I had got the file “email_api.php” in core folder of mantis directory. And searched and commented out the appropriate code structure according to our need.
Here is the default email notification layout Mantis offered 1 image

(Image 1)

I have commented the highlighted lines from the following code.

(Image 2)

And finally I have got the needful. Look it at the following image -


That is the only way I have found to solve it and customize it according to my need.

Keep in touch and get information with mantis related tasks in coming weeks.

Good luck to all.


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  3. hi name is vamsi krishna .i just completed my mca and learned php from an institute. and got job in a company .my manager gave me mantis bug tracking system and asked me customize it and prepare as query management tool.

    i gone through the code it is very harder to understand .please help me for my existence in job

  4. Hi..vamsi

    For Query Management Tool, there is an exellent software name "phpmyadmin". You should use the right tool for the purpose.Why you want to customize mantis bug tracker for this ?
    plz explain about your real requirement..

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