Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fix the bug of notes limit in Mantis Bug Tracker | Fixing Mantis Bug

As I have mentioned a bug about Mantis earlier. Here is another weird bug from mantis for which I had to apply a patch from my one. I didn't able to find proper solution to this and this was really shocking. For a bug tracker with the status of Mantis, it should have listed its bugs and solutions in the forums or blogs. It should be easily searchable/traceable. I had to waste my fortnight to find a solution which was again a crap tweak which I always hated for long.

Here the path where I found the patch for this problem

This time it was a case of limiting the bug notes for the email notification through Mantis. I made the changes on the mantis user preferences.

By my problem increases two folds now. The change did took effect but on few systems refusing other systems. So I had decided to resolve this problem manually

The default bug notes limit is 0 in mantis setting. You can see it in screen 1

Screen 1

I had got the file “config_defaults_inc.php” in mantis directory where i found all the settings of mantis. Searched and updated the appropriate code setting default bug notes limit to 1

You can see in screen 2

Screen 2

Then I reset the user preferences and confirmed that user preferences screen on browser is showing the default bug notes limit to 1, because I have already set the default bug notes limit in code.

And finally I had got the needful. Look it at the following image -

Screen 3

That is the only way I had found to solve it and get email notes according to my need.

Stay tuned up to get information with mantis related tasks in coming weeks.

Good luck to all.

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