Thursday, July 28, 2011

Use const and readonly in dotnet

Use const and readonly
When you need to specify fields that cannot be changed at runtime.

Both const and readonly are used to define data that does not change,
but there are important differences: const fields must be defined at declaration.
Because of this and the fact that they cannot change value, it implies that they
belong to the type as static fields. On the other hand, readonly fields can be set
at declaration or in the constructor, but nowhere else.

public class Vertex3d
private const string Name = “Vertex”;
private readonly int ver;

public Vertex3d()
ver = Config.MyVersionNumber;//Ok

public void SomeFunction()
ver = 13;//Error!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Service Management System (SMS) --- Another tool for managing Services

Srivice Management System(SMS)

Service Management System is a software designed to work as a powerful assistance tool for people engaged in servicing and AMC (annual maintenance contract) of whole range of office automation equipments and home appliances including Computers, Fax, Printers, EPABX, Photo copier, CVT, UPS, Inverter, AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water Purifier etc. SMS offers multi-layered features for recording and utilizing data and information and helping management to analyze the business trend and take decisions based on the projections and reports generated by it. It is a very user friendly software with least use of computer terminology and any person working under any kind of servicing system can directly switch over to SMS.

The Total solution

SMS is a complete solution to your business, as it covers every aspect of your servicing system including servicing, spare inventory, repairing, Complaint Management, maintenance of service history of every machine, engineer performance, Preventive maintenance planning, AMC proposal letters, AMC stickers, Mailing slips, unique data backup & restore facilities etc. and saves you from going to different software for different jobs.

Main Features

  • Powerful, easy and fast complaint registry procedure.

  • Flexible and user definable entry forms for handling different products.

  • Model wise AMC rates information.

  • Facility to undertake AMC for multiple machines as well as a single machine.

  • Automatic PM(Preventive Maintenance) Service programme generation.
  • Maintenance of Engineers' data with no limit for no. of engineers

  • Fool proof call closing system ensuring better customer satisfaction.

  • Unique password security to avoid unauthorised modifications/deletions.

  • Powerful query system providing information about AMC charges, machines under AMC/Warranty, machines out of AMC/Warranty, AMC collection, PM status, due PM, Pending Complaints, customer etc.

  • Graphical comparative analysis of monthly AMC collection.

  • Are wise classification of customers.

  • Daily activity report for complaint entered

  • PM service sheet printing for due PM services

  • Maintenance of service history of every machine both for current and last AMC.

  • Attractive AMC/Warranty stickers with relevent information on it for every machine under AMC/Warranty.

  • Detailed product information report giving you full information for any machine.

  • Reflection of downtime for every complaint in machine service history and engineer reports.

  • Automatic generation of AMC proposal letter.

  • Detailed Performance reports of your engineers along with comparative graphical analysis.

  • Printing of service desk-report daily/monthly/weekly as required.

  • Spare part inventory system to manage spares you buy, sale and use for AMC.

  • Separate tracking of spare transaction for AMC and sale.

  • List of spares out of stock available at the time of placing order.

  • Full information about incoming and outgoing spares transaction.

  • Detailed spare consumption report providing information about a particular spare or particular machine.

  • Automatic scanning of fast moving spare parts.

  • Report on spare out of stock.

  • Information on any particular spare describing its price, location, available quantity etc.

  • List of available spares for any specific product.

  • Query for pending order of spares.

  • Separate module for repairing management for the goods being sent for repair elsewhere.

  • Multi-layered password protection for system security.

  • Facility to access SMS by different users using their own passwords.

  • Users' access information report also available.

  • Flexible enough to handle different type of products.

  • Unique backup/restore facility for data security.

  • Mailing slips for correspondence.


  • A flexible and economical system.

  • Reduces expenditure on man power.

  • Better customer satisfaction.

  • Minimum manual and clerical work.

  • Better Administration by having more information.

  • Saves your time and enhances your speed.

  • Powerful and informative reporting

Opening Page of SMS

Complaint Registration Screen

Daily Activity Report (Carried by the engineer for attending complaint)

Complaint Updation Screen

One who is interested can leave their comments.. and can wait for the demo of this product which is going to be shared soon on this link.