Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Try to increase the level of toleration | Personality development traits

Level of toleration differs from person to person. But its always beneficial for all of us to increase the level of toleration. More we tolerate, better rewards in long run through it. I am still in this process of increasing my toleration power and sometimes i am able to tolerate everything comes to me whether its in the negative side and sometimes not. Sometimes even small things can hamper my toleration power. I know this is not good but man is made to practice and become perfect.

My main motive to share this article is basically to show why toleration is better than to react on each and every point of time, but this doesn't mean that one is coward or don't have the guts to stand against. Remember the trees which don't bends during the storm get down to death but the trees with flexible trunks can survive even the most dangerous storms too.

So toleration gives you power to know the limits of others while knowing their weakness too. The man who is tolerating others are actually gets to know the weaknesses of others as anger makes the man to show his own weak points to other and is always a silent killer.

Tolerance makes you tougher and tougher but will not makes you coward, for example an incident happened to me during the Navratri (Durga Puja) celebrations where i waited for 10 minutes to fuel my tank and when my turn comes another person started shouting to get fueled his tank. Petrol pump employees asked me calmly to wait for sometimes. I waited and let the person fueled first. And then i get the chance to fuel my tank. Now that was just the matter of few more minutes, but it also shows that if one can wait like a civilized human being for 10-15 minutes , can't he wait for another 5 minutes.

This what makes me feel good. I was not weaker than that person physically and can easily shouted with him for the chance to get fueled first. But why should i waste my precious energy on uncivilized beasts. I was smiling at him and he too got the feeling of mine and after some time he was not able to see in my eyes. He was feeling guilty of what he had done and still I was as calm as i could be.

Tolerance has given me great advantages under difficult situations. Its often seen that the person with less toleration power leads to criminal activities. He/she can't hold of his/her anger and does something which should not be done. Tolerance doesn't mean patients at all the cases. Patients is always associated with something positively done where as tolerance is associated with the negative deeds.

A book writer needs patients to get his book done where as a liquor shop owner needs tolerance to deal with the drunk customers....

So my friends it always required to increase your tolerance power with patients. .... Start this practice as early as possible and you will find less reasons to regret...

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Positive thinking Vs. negative thinking.

Most of us often think about what and how should we think? What should be done in order to optimize our thinking process? How negative thinking or positive thinking will effect us? In long run which is going to be best for us Positive thinking or the negative thinking?
When you will start the process of searching the answers of these questions either by you elders or by books or even through internet, you will find that most of the answers given to you will influence you towards the positive thinking. But is it true always? Is it always profitable to think positively?
No, not always. In-fact what I am going to share here is not absolutely correct and i am also not biased towards the negative or positive thinking. I always believe something in between the both.
My basic formula for thinking is to think differently under different circumstances. This means when you have created something and needs comments from others on it. Immediately start negative thinking. Think what should be the drawbacks of you products and how to overcome them. If everybody starts praising you at once don't start thinking positively at that point of time because positive thinking is as good as negative thinking. Positive thinking gives you positiveness while negative thinking gives you negativeness. When you have blend of both you will lead to a better life. As we always know the ultimate destiny of positivity and the negativity is to become neutral. They can't find stability unless they become neutral.
So in order to make you life stable immediately start thinking on both the aspects of every decision and the react according to it.
An example to justify my point of thinking positive and negative in different situation would be as follows.
Suppose a student is going to give an exam. He should be filled with full of positive energy. Whatever he knows at that time, he should think papers are prepared with those chapters only.
But when he is going for the results , he should always opt for the negative thinking and start thinking that whatever he was expecting he will not get marks up to that extent. This will give him the courage to face the reality if his results are not too good. And give him full of pleasure if his results are better than he expects.
My main focus here is everything should be in balanced in your life. Positive thinking can make you over confident which could lead you to a failure and negative thinking can make you more courageous which could lead you to be more patient and develop fight back attitude.
So make you mind focused on the basic principles. The thing for which you are getting positive should give negative energy back to it and vice-versa. This will maintain the equilibrium of negative and positive energetic and also leads to its destiny i.e. neutral. Because ultimately everything is going to be neutral.....

Crack competitions with Vedic math - IV | Vertically and Cross-wise

Once again, I know everyone enjoying the great techniques of Vedic math with me. It is a great way to remove the irritation of math puzzles. Only keep formulas in his mind and get benefit of it.
In my last article I had described the second formula of Vedic mathematics.

Now in this article I will explain the third formula of Vedic mathematics.

The third formula is-


This method is a great way to find the multiplication of a small or bigger number
For example-

We take

8 X 9

Now we try to find the result of this multiplication with fastest Vedic mathematics.

No 8 is 2 below from 10
And no 9 is 1 below from 10

Now figure is like –

In this figure we subtract cross wise 8 -1 = 7 OR 9 – 2 = 7
And multiply vertically 2 X 1 = 2

So the final figure will look like –

So the final answer will be 72
You can see how it is easy to multiply

Further I will explain the next formula of Vedic math.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crack competitions with Vedic math - III | All from 9 and the last from 10.

In my last article I have describe the first formula of Vedic mathematics. I hope all of you enjoy it.

Now let’s start to make the continuity, today I will explain the second formula of Vedic mathematics.

The Second formula is-


This method is always works for subtractions from numbers consisting of a 1 followed by noughts: 100; 1000; 10,000 etc.

For example-

1000 – 283

Now we solve this subtraction with fastest Vedic mathematics.

No 283 contains 3 digits – 2, 8 and 3.

Subtract each figure from 9 but the last figure (3) subtracted by 10.


9 2 = 7

9 8 = 1

10 3 = 7

1000 – 283 = 717

So final answer will be-

1000 – 283 = 717

Stay tuned up, further I will describe the 3rd formula of Vedic Mathematics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crack competitions with Vedic math - II | By One more than the One Before.

In my last article I have told about the origin and 16 sutras of Vedic mathematics.

So let’s start to play and solve math puzzles and calculation with some simple steps-

The first formula is-


Through this method we can get the square amount of any no who end with 5

For example-

If we take 65 we take it because the 65 end with 5.


652 Means 65 X 65

The answer is always end with 25 it is fixed in this method so the last part of the answer will be 25

For get the first part of the answer-

The first part is the first number, 6, multiplied by the number "one more", which are 7:

6 X 7 = 42

So first part of the answer will be 42

Merge the first part and second part of the answer


So final answer will be-

652 = 65 X 65

= 4225

Answer is 4225

Stay tuned up for further formulas of Vedic Mathematics.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Open Source Licenses | Types of Licenses in Open source | What is GNU GPL , LGPL and GPL 3

Now that we are familiar with what open source is and also with its history, how do we ensure software remains open source ?

The legal instrument that regulates the use and redistribution of a computer programme is known as a software license. Proprietary software whle allowing the user to use the program, maintains that the software remains the property of the vendor and limits the uses it can be put to. Microsoft Windows, for example, forbids among other things attempts to reverse engineer it, use a copy of multiple systems and publish data related to tests among other things.

While some licenses, such as the GNU GPL makes it mandatory for the user to ensure that any derivative of the software he develops remains open source, others such as the MIT license allows the user to make the code a part of proprietary software of his own.

License under GNU GPL, are known as 'copyleft' licenses. Other methods used by the software licenses to ensure that the software remains truly open source include pratices such as patent retaliation (a Claus denying the user the open source freedoms if he attempt to patent any part of the software/ derivative developed by him). Tivoization is aimed at discouraging additional regulations through digital rights management. Most open source licenses restrict modified versions from claiming to be unmodified. some also attempt to ensure that due credit is given to the copyright holders by preventing modifications of parts of the code that print warranty or licese information.

The GNU general Public licenses, with the famous tag line "Free as in Freedom" maintain that any derivative work/modification must be keep open source and are known as copyleft licenses.

Popular examples of open source licenses include the GNU GPL. a copyleft license that demands that any modifications/ derivatives be kept copyleft. The GNULesser GPL, a more permissive version of the GNU GPL and the Apache license that requires the preservation of the copyright notice and disclaimer, but is otherwise unrestricting to further uses of the source code in both proprietary and open source programmes.

The BSD license, a completely unrestricting license that allows use of the code or derivative in any way possible.

Another example is the Mozilla Public License, a hybrid of the copyleft and non-restrictive licenses.

Magnetic Hill

Hey I found this really cool video while browsing through the internet and cant resist the temptation of sharing with you all folks.....have you ever heard of 'Magnetic Mountain'????? ....... ..Now see it live guys....
Here goes the link....enjoy !!

Dont forget to add your comments and the video's you want, I've huge collection of most amazing and weird video's which are rare to hurry and click "Add Comments" :)

What is Open Source

Open Source - the term has been the centre stage of David vs Goliath fight in the software community. Be it Windows vs other operating systems, or Internet Explorer vs Mozilla; and now more recently, or more recently Microsoft vs Google, open source has been the rallying point of the so called 'resistance' to the proprietary regime, For developers within the software community, open source has transcended therole of a mere development methodology into a core life philosophy. Today, we hear of not just open source software, but also open source hardware, open sourche biotechnology, even open source politics!
Open souce is a methodology or approach towards the design and development of software with the intention of giving the user access to the source code; i.e. if you use open source software, not only will you be able to use it, you will be able to use it, you will also be able to see how it works, debut it, modify and redistribute it.
To elaborate and make the difference more clear, image the simplest entry level C++ programmed, the on that says "hello world".
If the program was proprietary, you would merely have access to the EXE file that upon execution would give a window with "hello world" written in it.
However, if the program is open source, you will also be given access to the code that the EXE File is compiled from.
The Open source Initiative, an organization committed to promoting open source uses the open source definition in order to determine if a software is open source or not. This definition, among other things specifies requirements of the license such as preventing, discrimination again any persons of groups and preventing discrimination against fields of endeavour.
One must not forget that there is a core difference between open source and free software. While they both embody the same core idea, the former still allows the commercial utilization of the code with the motive of profit. Many companies such as Red Hat gain significant revenues from sale, distribution, maintenance and consultancy services provided an open source software.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crack competitions with Vedic math - I | Crack IIT, CAT, MAT, GMAT, GRE, Bank PO exams

As today every one is running to crack the IIT, CAT, MAT, GMAT, GRE, Bank PO exams and which required high calculation skills. Many of Indians even don't know that their ancestors had produced a great way to solve this calculations and often ran for the chinese mathmatics and other forms of mathematics which tooks their plenty of times.

Once they know the power of Vedic maths, I am sure they would consider this seriously for their future competitions.

No one knows the exact period of origin of math but it can be say that the math was born with the human and enhanced as per his requirement. I think the “Vedic mathematics” is one of the oldest mathematics technique in the world produce by the Indians.

Vedic mathematics was presented by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, who is described as having the “rare combination of the probing insight and revealing intuition of a Yogi with the analytical acumen and synthetic talent of a mathematician.

Vedic Math is based on sixteen sutras or principles. These principles are general in nature and can be applied in many ways. In practice many applications of the sutras may be learned and combined to solve actual problems.

It is not difficult to understand and apply the Vedic mathematical strategies, as long as one does not rely on the sutras alone for mathematical insight.

The sixteen sutras are –

1. By one more than the one before.
2. All from 9 and the last from 10.
3. Vertically and Cross-wise
4. Transpose and Apply
5. If the Samuccaya is the Same it is Zero
6. If One is in Ratio the Other is Zero
7. By Addition and by Subtraction
8. By the Completion or Non-Completion
9. Differential Calculus
10. By the Deficiency
11. Specific and General
12. The Remainders by the Last Digit
13. The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate
14. By One Less than the One Before
15. The Product of the Sums
16. All the Multipliers

And the sub sutras are –

1. Proportionately
2. The Remainder Remains Constant
3. The First by the First and the Last by the Last
4. For 7 the Multiplicand is 143
5. By Osculation
6. Lessen by the Deficiency
7. Whatever the Deficiency lessen by that amount and set up the Square of the Deficiency
8. Last Totaling 10
9. Only the Last Terms
10. The Sum of the Products
11. By Alternative Elimination and Retention
12. By Mere Observation
13. The Product of the Sums is the Sum of the Products
14. On the Flag

I will describe these sutra's later on one by one.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mistakes in life which should be avoided - II

Here is the second series of mistakes which should be avoided.
21. Please think as many times as possible before taking a decision but once taken just rely on it and support your decision.
22. Everybody tends to make mistakes. More you make a mistake, more you will learn from it. So keep making mistakes.
23. Be patient even in the toughest situation of your life. Remain quite and less talkative helps you to be patient. Its better to convert your anger and irritation into your silent motivation. Silent motivation is never ending.
24. Always commit what you can do easily. Don't commit those which you haven't done yet or you have to do some additional work to fulfill you commitment.
25. Eat food for living and not live for food. Too much eating is injurious to health. This also means that everything in life is required in balance. If balance is not maintained problems start arising.
26. Do not do dieting in order to loose weight. Do exercise and eat healthy. Weight not the problem. Main problem is fat so try to burn the stored fat. This also implies that most of us started our journey to solve a problem without knowing what is the cause of it and how to solve it. Some may even not know what is the problem exactly. This leads to wastage of time, money and efforts.
27. Whatever you have learned in your life will help you directly or indirectly. So whenever you learn, learn it with sincerity.
28. Before solving a problem please make sure whether the problem is already solved by someone else. If not then go for the solution. This will save your time, energy and money.
29. Deep breathing is a way to live longer as it will help your blood pressure down, make you calm and quite and make you body to utilize the oxygen completely. This simple practice often helps you to hold your nerve even when you are in panic situation.
30. Be happy with others success and happiness. Don't get envied by them. Remember all the success and happiness is not made for you. But you can enjoy them with others.

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5 Simple Steps to add entity data Model in C# project

As I have started working on a C# with entity framework.A great tool from Microsoft to handle the databases through Entity framework. It’s amazing and definitely it will improve your confidence for database handling. It is so simple to implement entity data model in your C# project...
So let’s start to find the answer of - how can we connect a database with our c# project through entity framework?
In this example I am using the default database of Microsoft northwind.sdf.

1- At first open "add new item" dialog in project. Then select the entity data model(.edmx) option you can change the name of your data model as you like, here I am using the default name see in screen -1

Screen -1

2- When u create a data model then a dialog will appear with title "Entity Data model wizard", select option "Generate from database" and click on next button

Screen - 2

3- In next screen select new connection option and then a screen with "Connection properties" will appear, now click on change button and select database option for - Microsoft sql server compact, then click on browse button and select your database (default northwind.sdf its located in your Microsoft sql server compact edition folder) then click on ok see in screen – 3

Screen - 3

4- The wizard is automatically creating the required connection string for your database, click on next button -

Screen - 4

5- In next screen the tables of selected database is shown. Check it and then click on finish button see in screen - 5

Screen - 5

Finally the entity diagram of the required database and the tables are shown.

Screen - 6

You can also view the "app.config" xml file to view the connection string of your application –

Screen - 7

Now u can play with database easily.

Please tune in to get further tutorials regarding advanced filtering in queries, optimizing queries etc...

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mistakes in life which should be avoided - I

1. Don't expect things to change over the night. It takes time to change.
2. Don't be over ambitious as it will make you life ending up in rat race.
3. Forget about the past and leave the future. Just live in the present. If your present is not good how the future will be?
4. Always have a remote control of your life in you hand rather than giving it to anyone else. This way the expectations on you would be reduced and hence you can breathe some fresh air.
5. If you are doing some favor to someone please do so only if you can forget that favor. Don't expect anything from him in returns. If you are going to expect anything from him, better you avoid doing that favor to him. Even in the case of lending money. Give only when you know that even you didn't get back you can live happily.
6. Don't have plans for future. Those who have too much plans for their future ends up their life in a race to achieve them in limited time. And everyone is not so lucky to get them as desired.
7. Hard work not always gives you better results. Its the smart work that gives you the better results. So always seek advice from you elders before going for a hard work on any relative field.
8. Don't miss a moment of fun in your life as it is very rare in life and the frequency of it is very low.
9. Nothing is stable in this world. Every thing that come has to go, born has to die and so on. So when something happens in a negative way, don't get too panic and if something happens position, don't get too happy.
10. Studies are not the only way to know about anything. Advices, experiences and self conscious are also very important.
11. Everything in life just happens for its own reasons to lead you to your destiny. May be we didn't understand those happenings at that time but later on we understand those.
12. Each and every individual has their own destiny and according to it their progress speed depends. So don't try to be others. Be happy with what you are and don't try to be like someone you admire or want to be.
13. Degree is for mediocre. So don't get panic if you don't have the best degrees. Still you have the exceptional talent which could fetch you the best results. Remember most of the company CEOs are not MBA.
14. Always find time to improve yourself. In whatever profession you are. Remember knowledge is the real income for you as it can't be robbed off from you and is always with you without have to bear the burden of it.
15. Try and do whatever gives you the pleasure. Don't overdo the pleasurable things as it will lead you to boredom.
16. Life is full of struggle and its the God's way for us to realize that we are not everything.
17. Science is the best think we have earned yet and we should always follow it. Always analyze each and everything you see, hear and then take you decisions.
18. Be diplomatic before talking. Don't be too rude and don't be so polite. Both have disadvantages. If you are too rude then nobody will be there to help you out and if you are too polite people will take you as for granted.
19. If somebody is giving you plenty of pleasure be it your mom, girl friend, friend, sister, daughter, wife, husband and so on. Be prepared they are going to hurt you the most. So limit your dependencies on them in any form... whether its physical or emotional.
20. As you grow older life seems to be more and more complex. For example the more you know , you are prone to greater confusion. You will have more doubts in your mind. So at times limit your boundaries of knowledge. Too much is always bad.

Stay tune more lessons of my life are coming...

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Improve your Communication Skills

Enhance Your Communication Skills:

Do you have and carry the communication skills in you? How effective are you in your dialogue and do you gather enough attention of the listeners or audience when you speak? These are the questions that need to be answered if you want yourself to be appreciated and heard among the crowd. Communication skills affect your interpersonal and social relationship with others and the response you get from them. Communication skills let you gather attention of the listeners when you talk.
Here are 6 skills that can make you impressive when you speak and can groom your personality.
1.) Try to sound more polite and a good listener-- always bear in mind to greet the listeners or audience before making an oral presentation or starting a conversation. Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them and at the end, summarize what you have told them.
2.) Be more articulate—people would judge your competency through the vocabulary you use. So make sure to exert extra effort to pronounce the last sound in a word and use its energy to carry over the following word. But then if you are not sure how to say a certain word, then do not use it at all, which can only pull down your communication skill instead of boosting it up.
3.) Try sounding more intelligent-- pause deliberately at some key points—this adds to the effect of highlighting the significance of a particular point you are making. Try to speak just a bit slow to allow yourself to choose your most appropriate vocabulary and to give the impression of being thoughtful.
4.) Be more confident—hold your head as if you wear a crown on it. Carry your whole body up and do not let your legs and arms have a side-to-side motion when you move. Always keep your knees and elbows close to the midline of your body. On the whole, your body movements express what your thoughts and attitudes really are and controlling them adds to your communication skill.
5.) Try to sound more polished. Don’t just answer a question with a blunt “no” or “yes”. Add or attach a short phrase of clarification. For instance, “Yes, I know Madam.” “No, I do not see it.”
6.) Be compassionate—most individuals are best at absorbing information they receive through their eyes, while others need hands on experience to set the message in their heads most effectively. So try to assess and judge how your listeners or audience are more comfy taking information from you and make sure you feed them in the same way as they like.
7.) Be more powerful-sounding-- do not ever shout or whisper—but speak clearly. Use short and simple declarative sentences. Convey to your listeners that you mean what you say and say what you mean. Do away with useless adjectives, adverbs and connectors, especially superlatives. Communication skills, as with most personal skills cannot be taught. One could only point the way. So as always, practice is the key and truly essential to enhance those skills generally and give it your best shot every time you speak.

Communication Skills plays a vital role in our career. By seriously working out on this skill even a very mediocre person can achieve his goal with much lesser efforts whereas a person with bad communication skills will never be filled with confidance hence wont be able to perform and display his one hundred percent.
Keep on working around for your communication skills and follow my words and I will take the guarantee for your dreams, your career and your vision !!
Since its a very deep and serious issue for the career-seekers, I am ready to write more for my fans.
So just stay tuned in..... ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best freeware applications - I

Hi all, here is the list of the applications I prefer to use in my day to day activities.

  1. Launchy and Slick Run: For those who have plenty of applications in their windows system and need to launch a particular application directly just by typing the initial of the applications, Launchy is for them. Slick Run is also an effective way of launching files and location but you have to create a shortcut for each location and have to manage them manually. Launchy provides auto listing catalogs on bookmarks, program files and also offers you to add locations of you choice.

  2. Everything: The best and lightning fast search tool I have ever seen yet. It supports the ntfs partition and is able to run on windows 2000 and higher. It also offers to search through the network locations. The best part of it is that it uses the ntfs file system records rather than maintaining its own. That's why its fast and always updated.

  3. Advanced System Care and Iobit 360: I am using both the tool for maintaining my system from various system errors, registry errors, threats, spy-wares and all. They also provide many useful utilities like defrag hard-disk, chkdsk, optimize system, optimize internet settings, optimize ram and periodic cleaning and freeing ram and many more. One will not regret once started using it.

  4. QtTabBar and Breadcrumb Toolbar: Both of them are the addon to you default explorer and adds many features to you existing windows explorer, specially those who uses windows xp and required features of vista without compromising speed e.g. multiple tabs, search on the current location, remember the folders last opened, show the address bar as breadcrumb, easier to navigate on other location etc.

  5. Firefox addons i.e. FoxMarks and side tab bar: FoxMarks is very useful when you want to be in synch with the bookmarks, passwords and history on multiple locations e.g. home and office. Side tab bar addon provides the ability to view the tabs in tree order so that you can collapse and expand multiple tabs whenever you want and its also suitable for you wide screen views.

  6. Google reader: One of the best feed reader I have found and is very simple to use and uses the same userid you have for the gmail. You can share and follow others blogs too and this can help you to be in touch of the world and enhance your knowledge as well.

  7. Evernote: It is the note making tool and is very handy and effective for making a collection of your notes. It provides you very useful feature of searching even in the images, tagging notes, publishing notes and many more..

  8. Pop Peeper and Thunderbird: Freeware email clients Pop Peeper used for giving an alert to the clients whenever new mail arrives. Although it also provides you the features necessary for general purpose email clients like mailing, archiving mails, auto check for mails etc. Thunderbird is heavier and provides you the feature of creating forward rules, filtering rules, folders etc..

  9. Pspad: Freeware text editor with the power of formatting multiple languages including PHP, VB, JAVA, C#, ASP, SQL, JSP etc. Also have a good regex search and text difference comparison tool. Its actively becoming one of the good text editor with an easier interface on windows.

  10. Winmerge: Its a freeware tool to view the differences between the docs and merge them according to you need. It also offers you to view differences between entire directly and merge them.

  11. Teracopy: It is a basic cut,copy,paste, move tool for windows but enhancing features like auto renaming etc. It shows the list of file moved. It also shows you the speed of data traveling. Once major advantage of this is if a file contains multiple documents and few of them are corrupted or could not be copied, it will leave them and copy the rest of the files and show you the list of files it was unable to copied.

  12. Avast Antivirus and Comodo internet suite: As we know Avast anti-virus is one of the best freeware anti virus solution and Comodo is having one of the best firewall. Comodo also provides you the anti-viruss with malware and adware protection.

Hope you have found some of the above as useful as I have.

Few more are coming...

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Customize Email notification layout in mantis bug tracker | Custom Email layout in mantis bug tracker | Email layout cusmize in mantis

No doubt Mantis is a great bug tracker and the plug-in support of this web application is really cool and useful. In my office I am administrating the Mantis bug tracker. Hence my colleagues requested me to customize the layout of the Mantis Email notifications. They don't want detailed mails and just wanted short note regarding the issues. At that time I was not aware with the Mantis in depth. So taken it as a challenge. I have gone through Mantis document and googled it. Found nothing very promising. This was a great surprise to me as Mantis is one of the most used open source Bug tracker and yet don't have the support of customized email notifications. The most favorable link I got from the Google was -

But my problem was yet to be solved, so I had decided to find the exact file responsible for the layout of the email notification. After 1 or 2 days of brainstorming and searching I had got the file “email_api.php” in core folder of mantis directory. And searched and commented out the appropriate code structure according to our need.
Here is the default email notification layout Mantis offered 1 image

(Image 1)

I have commented the highlighted lines from the following code.

(Image 2)

And finally I have got the needful. Look it at the following image -


That is the only way I have found to solve it and customize it according to my need.

Keep in touch and get information with mantis related tasks in coming weeks.

Good luck to all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Listen Carefully To Sounds Of Silence

the Oscar Awards ceremony held early this year where sound engineer Resul Pookutty got an award for sound mixing in Slumdog Millionaire. He concluded his acceptance speech by saying: "I come from a country and a civilisation that has given the universal word. That word is preceded by silence, followed by more silence. That word is OM. So I dedicate this award to my country." An artist of sound had paid homage to silence, as much as to the universal word and his country. Author Ben Okri said recently that he is a big fan of silence. "It is only in silence that the true self emerges." It echoes the import of what Swami Brahmdev said, that silence helps us to evolve, enabling us to enjoy the beauty of life even better. Creation is born of the womb of meditative silence.

Spiritual theory and practice have a deep legacy of silence. There is physiological silence and there is self-stilled silence. Physiological silence, a function of our body-mind complex, is the one experienced by our auditory nerves when we place our palms over our ears and shut out sound. It is a silence many of us need desperately to be able to think clearly, or even to sleep. The rational mind can often play a role in this silence, leading the process where one becomes silent or shuts out sound. An illustration of the mind's play with physiological silence is the way we can drift away even in a noisy environment, 'shutting' out sound.

Self-stilled silence is the silence of being, as opposed to becoming. It is not a silence to be experienced, but the silence of the experiencer, the witness. It is the silence of our unconditioned self, a silence that exceeds the ego and reaches into the pure field of consciousness. It exists all the time within us, the answer of the Universe to all the sounds we generate. It is in this silence that the world recedes into the background or vanishes altogether and the Universe within us emerges.

Self-stilled silence is rooted in being in the present, in realising the pure potential of the moment. This silence is the template of the interior, which, the Bhagavad Gita says, "Weapons cannot cut, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet, nor wind wither...". It is also the metier of the yogi who "regards alike joy and sorrow, success and failure, victory and defeat", the fount of deep detachment. Self-stilled silence is the language of communication with the Divine.

Consciously learning to withdraw from the world of physical sound can be a start to access the silence within. The idea of maunvrat or vow of silence is extolled as a spiritual practice. M K Gandhi practised it and said that he found clarity of vision in silence. But reaching self-stilled silence is more a discontinuous leap, satori or a sudden experience of awareness that is transformative. To taste this silence all it takes is to acknowledge its existence. Becoming aware of the need for silence inside helps us to better access our own Self, to experience the bliss of spiritual knowledge that can only come when we are free of the cacophony.

article written by slmanta Mohanty(The Times of India)

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