Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crack competitions with Vedic math - II | By One more than the One Before.

In my last article I have told about the origin and 16 sutras of Vedic mathematics.

So let’s start to play and solve math puzzles and calculation with some simple steps-

The first formula is-


Through this method we can get the square amount of any no who end with 5

For example-

If we take 65 we take it because the 65 end with 5.


652 Means 65 X 65

The answer is always end with 25 it is fixed in this method so the last part of the answer will be 25

For get the first part of the answer-

The first part is the first number, 6, multiplied by the number "one more", which are 7:

6 X 7 = 42

So first part of the answer will be 42

Merge the first part and second part of the answer


So final answer will be-

652 = 65 X 65

= 4225

Answer is 4225

Stay tuned up for further formulas of Vedic Mathematics.

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