Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mistakes in life which should be avoided - II

Here is the second series of mistakes which should be avoided.
21. Please think as many times as possible before taking a decision but once taken just rely on it and support your decision.
22. Everybody tends to make mistakes. More you make a mistake, more you will learn from it. So keep making mistakes.
23. Be patient even in the toughest situation of your life. Remain quite and less talkative helps you to be patient. Its better to convert your anger and irritation into your silent motivation. Silent motivation is never ending.
24. Always commit what you can do easily. Don't commit those which you haven't done yet or you have to do some additional work to fulfill you commitment.
25. Eat food for living and not live for food. Too much eating is injurious to health. This also means that everything in life is required in balance. If balance is not maintained problems start arising.
26. Do not do dieting in order to loose weight. Do exercise and eat healthy. Weight not the problem. Main problem is fat so try to burn the stored fat. This also implies that most of us started our journey to solve a problem without knowing what is the cause of it and how to solve it. Some may even not know what is the problem exactly. This leads to wastage of time, money and efforts.
27. Whatever you have learned in your life will help you directly or indirectly. So whenever you learn, learn it with sincerity.
28. Before solving a problem please make sure whether the problem is already solved by someone else. If not then go for the solution. This will save your time, energy and money.
29. Deep breathing is a way to live longer as it will help your blood pressure down, make you calm and quite and make you body to utilize the oxygen completely. This simple practice often helps you to hold your nerve even when you are in panic situation.
30. Be happy with others success and happiness. Don't get envied by them. Remember all the success and happiness is not made for you. But you can enjoy them with others.

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