Monday, September 14, 2009

Mistakes in life which should be avoided - I

1. Don't expect things to change over the night. It takes time to change.
2. Don't be over ambitious as it will make you life ending up in rat race.
3. Forget about the past and leave the future. Just live in the present. If your present is not good how the future will be?
4. Always have a remote control of your life in you hand rather than giving it to anyone else. This way the expectations on you would be reduced and hence you can breathe some fresh air.
5. If you are doing some favor to someone please do so only if you can forget that favor. Don't expect anything from him in returns. If you are going to expect anything from him, better you avoid doing that favor to him. Even in the case of lending money. Give only when you know that even you didn't get back you can live happily.
6. Don't have plans for future. Those who have too much plans for their future ends up their life in a race to achieve them in limited time. And everyone is not so lucky to get them as desired.
7. Hard work not always gives you better results. Its the smart work that gives you the better results. So always seek advice from you elders before going for a hard work on any relative field.
8. Don't miss a moment of fun in your life as it is very rare in life and the frequency of it is very low.
9. Nothing is stable in this world. Every thing that come has to go, born has to die and so on. So when something happens in a negative way, don't get too panic and if something happens position, don't get too happy.
10. Studies are not the only way to know about anything. Advices, experiences and self conscious are also very important.
11. Everything in life just happens for its own reasons to lead you to your destiny. May be we didn't understand those happenings at that time but later on we understand those.
12. Each and every individual has their own destiny and according to it their progress speed depends. So don't try to be others. Be happy with what you are and don't try to be like someone you admire or want to be.
13. Degree is for mediocre. So don't get panic if you don't have the best degrees. Still you have the exceptional talent which could fetch you the best results. Remember most of the company CEOs are not MBA.
14. Always find time to improve yourself. In whatever profession you are. Remember knowledge is the real income for you as it can't be robbed off from you and is always with you without have to bear the burden of it.
15. Try and do whatever gives you the pleasure. Don't overdo the pleasurable things as it will lead you to boredom.
16. Life is full of struggle and its the God's way for us to realize that we are not everything.
17. Science is the best think we have earned yet and we should always follow it. Always analyze each and everything you see, hear and then take you decisions.
18. Be diplomatic before talking. Don't be too rude and don't be so polite. Both have disadvantages. If you are too rude then nobody will be there to help you out and if you are too polite people will take you as for granted.
19. If somebody is giving you plenty of pleasure be it your mom, girl friend, friend, sister, daughter, wife, husband and so on. Be prepared they are going to hurt you the most. So limit your dependencies on them in any form... whether its physical or emotional.
20. As you grow older life seems to be more and more complex. For example the more you know , you are prone to greater confusion. You will have more doubts in your mind. So at times limit your boundaries of knowledge. Too much is always bad.

Stay tune more lessons of my life are coming...

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