Thursday, September 10, 2009

Improve your Communication Skills

Enhance Your Communication Skills:

Do you have and carry the communication skills in you? How effective are you in your dialogue and do you gather enough attention of the listeners or audience when you speak? These are the questions that need to be answered if you want yourself to be appreciated and heard among the crowd. Communication skills affect your interpersonal and social relationship with others and the response you get from them. Communication skills let you gather attention of the listeners when you talk.
Here are 6 skills that can make you impressive when you speak and can groom your personality.
1.) Try to sound more polite and a good listener-- always bear in mind to greet the listeners or audience before making an oral presentation or starting a conversation. Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them and at the end, summarize what you have told them.
2.) Be more articulate—people would judge your competency through the vocabulary you use. So make sure to exert extra effort to pronounce the last sound in a word and use its energy to carry over the following word. But then if you are not sure how to say a certain word, then do not use it at all, which can only pull down your communication skill instead of boosting it up.
3.) Try sounding more intelligent-- pause deliberately at some key points—this adds to the effect of highlighting the significance of a particular point you are making. Try to speak just a bit slow to allow yourself to choose your most appropriate vocabulary and to give the impression of being thoughtful.
4.) Be more confident—hold your head as if you wear a crown on it. Carry your whole body up and do not let your legs and arms have a side-to-side motion when you move. Always keep your knees and elbows close to the midline of your body. On the whole, your body movements express what your thoughts and attitudes really are and controlling them adds to your communication skill.
5.) Try to sound more polished. Don’t just answer a question with a blunt “no” or “yes”. Add or attach a short phrase of clarification. For instance, “Yes, I know Madam.” “No, I do not see it.”
6.) Be compassionate—most individuals are best at absorbing information they receive through their eyes, while others need hands on experience to set the message in their heads most effectively. So try to assess and judge how your listeners or audience are more comfy taking information from you and make sure you feed them in the same way as they like.
7.) Be more powerful-sounding-- do not ever shout or whisper—but speak clearly. Use short and simple declarative sentences. Convey to your listeners that you mean what you say and say what you mean. Do away with useless adjectives, adverbs and connectors, especially superlatives. Communication skills, as with most personal skills cannot be taught. One could only point the way. So as always, practice is the key and truly essential to enhance those skills generally and give it your best shot every time you speak.

Communication Skills plays a vital role in our career. By seriously working out on this skill even a very mediocre person can achieve his goal with much lesser efforts whereas a person with bad communication skills will never be filled with confidance hence wont be able to perform and display his one hundred percent.
Keep on working around for your communication skills and follow my words and I will take the guarantee for your dreams, your career and your vision !!
Since its a very deep and serious issue for the career-seekers, I am ready to write more for my fans.
So just stay tuned in..... ...

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