Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Terrorism : Will this ever end?


Well, Im not a writer nor is very comfortable in sharing my thoughts but here Im trying to pen down my thoughts, its not intended to hurt the feelings of any person nor community but there are certain questions that sometimes really make me very uncomfortable….
Its been one year of such a brutal deed by some fickle minded creature's....Kasab, one of those….
Again, please don’t take this article as the intention of hurting the emotions of any specific person or community. Since the last year from this date onwards I’v been only thinking of the reason for which these guys did such a heinous act of terrorism, does there religion really teaches this or the innocence and poverty take these guys over, well to the best of my knowledge and teachings I got from my parents , they always use to say that no religion teaches bad things, its we human who take it in the other way and religion never sow any seed in your brain, it only nurtures what has already been sown. And if we rely on this, should we question there up-bringing or again there teachings. Cant these guys see that they have just been the joke in this entire creation, they are being used like the toilet tissue-papers and this can be proved with soo many live examples viz: the number of movies USING this community and creating the drama revolving around there mindset, the election candidates and so many similar cases. We already have soo may other things like quota, dirty-politics, unemployment and now these people are adding more to this by there such a coward act.

These people should start thinking seriously, else the people like me will have to take the charge and will have to start isolating these guys from each and every corner of the society. I don’t want the next generations to grow with the burden and fear of dying such a courteous death.

I am finishing writing with still a ray of hope left….
Please join hands for a social cause and the future generation ....and our present !!
Drop a line here to suggest the options we have, so that once again we can live in the country where atleast we dont have to face this brutal crime and live a life of fear and phobia.....lets join our hands to end this crime before its too late ..... .. .

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