Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fear of Falling or Failing

Often many of us have seen that we are running behind the success in our life. Few of them are running for success in their career. few of them for their success in life and rest for their success in relationships. But have you ever think that what is after that success..? If you are succeed with whatever you want in your life, you will either have to start the race of maintaining it or you will loose it after some point of time due to lack of interest or lack of favorible conditions. And once if you get down from it the problem starts creeping. you can't bear to loose at any cost. But then everyone of us should think that its good to be the first but its worst after that. Once you have become first than whats next ?

Have you ever asked this question to yourself. Prior to the success you will feel the answer is that i will become happy, everyone around me will become happier and rest of my life will be in peace, just like i am living in the heaven. But did you ever think that if you are not satisfied with yourself now, you will never be later on. And that is the truth of life.
e.g. First target of a person is to get educated, then to get a best job, then to get good raise regularly, then to get fame, then to get good social status with car, home, furniture and after that to get world's best wife who should be truthful and loyal and then to have a great child to make you fee proud and then their studies and this will end into the infinity loop or recursion with no termination.

We also not want to fail at any of these conditions and races...but somewhere we will fail else we will become god. How to overcome the fear of falling and failing...

Do we only deserve to succeed or failure ?

Is this healthy at all ?

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