Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Living alone and happy with it.

I am the one who is interested in his loneliness and is happy with it. I have always appreciated this approach as it is the best way one can excel in professional front. It indeed increases your dedication and determination. I have often found very talented and optimistic persons to like and live with all alone. They find it quite useful and effective. If you get to know about history you will found that there are plenty of people who don't have much friends. They always like to live alone. But they were never selfish. They served for our society and also done charities. Its that living alone will bring more concern towards your own career and growth.

Simple funda... less friends less distractions more time to get your tasks done in a better way.

Those who follows this approach can also have friends because living alone is not against the friendship. Its just a way to get your goals achieved.

As in Indian history there are plenty of sages who lived all alone in the jungle to remove distractions from peoples and relatives, just to get more concentration and more knowledge. There are quite some exceptions to that whom had achieved the same level of knowledge with their families with them. But they are very less and if they didn't lived with their families they would have achieved lot more than they did.

So its often required for all of us to stay alone get motivated and get what you want. If you have seen the Rocky III movie where the another boxer defeated Rocky Balboa and in order to win again he had to live in a small area concealed from outer glamor and media, with only few of his near and dear ones including wife. He accepted that living alone principle and later on achieved his goal of winning boxing match against the same boxer at the end.

All these shows that living alone is quite effective to get your goals fulfilled.... What do you think ?

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