Friday, October 9, 2009

Character: The Irony of enduring dams and brittle men

If we produce enduring dams but brittle men, what is the economics of it? If for saving the theory we wreck a country, what then has politics made of man? if men become like robots and robots more intelligent and capable than men, is nit not civilization in revers ? if prosperity is permitted to come only through exclusive ways of one's understanding for a section of people, excluding others, what have we gained by way of sanity, notwithstanding progress ? If we have established lines of communication connecting the entire world through which we are apt to scatter our inner venom all over the world, how have we covered distances ? If all our energies, skill, devotion, steadfastness and single mindedness are harnessed for toppling our brothers from their positions, is it not truly amazing creativity? if we are scientifically so able as to reach the moon on a spacecraft, and live on the earth like we do, are we not more under the lunar influence than scientific ?

If when 'progress' is made, we ourselves decline, how far have we then advanced?

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