Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Expectations are the most vulnerable killers

Expectations are the most vulnerable killers...

During my past experience i have seen that the moment i started expecting something from myself or the other, i had to bear the burden of severe pain and discouragement. I have often tried not to have expectations on others as well as on myself but can't help it out. But that doesn't mean that i have always failed to it. I have found that those who are closer to mine are often good people to win my faith and the moment it happens expectation starts creeping up. And often I was not aware about my expectations towards others. I get to know about it only after it was broken out and i feel lots of pain and sorrow.

Its always easier to not to have expectations from self than others. This means if a person is lame, he always thinking that he can't walk or run, so he will not have the expectations from him to walk or run but will have expectations on others because they are fully fit.

How expectations creep ups on you ?
You can control your expectations but you can't force others to have expectations on you. And its the most dangerous situation of life. Those who have expectations on you are either your close ones or the colleagues. Whenever you do something special for them .... they will be happy from you...positive effect and they starts expecting more from you.... this is the negative effect. And the moment you break their expectations... they will easily become hurt or become anti towards you. And you have unwanted long list of close ones being hurt..those you don't want to hurt at any cost.

This is what human brain and heart is made of. Full of emotions and expectations. But that does not mean that you will not try to fulfill their expectations. But remember, more you fulfill their expectations, more they will expect from you. And this series will keep on going and going leaving you stressed out at last.

I have noticed that most of my relationships are often suffering due to this expectations. I have tried my best to manage each and every relationships .. but its not possible for me or even anyone. Sometimes some expectations are so killing that they contradict with the other's expectations. This means in order to get someone satisfied we have to make others dissatisfied. That is the most difficult situation of life. It gets worse when both of them are very close to you.

In computer's terminology this situation can also be called as deadlock or hanging situation. Where you are helpless and often in the mercy of others.

I have faced this situation more than ones and still not be able to find out how one should deal with these killing expectations.

Do you have the solution for this?

Keep on searching the answer for this as you are the best person to solve this problem. We have to learn from our past mistakes and have to move on.

Please comment if you have to solution for these...
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  1. You described perfect analogy of postive and negative effects of expectations in the example. Really good one!!