Monday, December 28, 2009

We chase for what we don't have..

This heading seems quite interesting but its the actual concept behind everyone's life. The thing we already have doesn't attract us and those things which are hard to get attracts us more. This is the basic philosophy of our life and is the truth which could be sometimes hurt us more than any other thing. Sometimes we don't even accept this and sometimes we do.
It depends on why our (Human) nature is just like this.
A pretty example can prove this easily. When we have our parents caring for us and being possessive for us we loose interest in them and despite of this we start taking interests in those objectives which we don't have like bikes, cars, houses, money, girl friends etc. But we often forget and take the things we have as for granted. And sometimes it becomes too late when we realize that the granted things are not their to be remained with us. And that condition makes us the most miserable.
You can ask it to yourself. Until we don't have teeth we will not give them the values they have simply because they are there for granted. We will never give value to our own self in front of money because we often took ourselves for granted. And when we fall on bed with severe disease... We start taking our care as that is the moment we take ourselves not granted and start taking care of ourselves.
Is this good..? Ask yourself.
I have learned from my living experiences that don't take anything for granted. May be at times you can take them for granted but this should be rare as we often don't realize that the things we take for granted are the things we are heavily depending on.
So its better to be early than be late....
Give values to what you already have and start praising what you have... and then make you mind clear to what you want in future. .....
"Think about it".

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