Thursday, March 11, 2010

opensource alternative to timesnapper freeware...

PixTimeSheet(based on .Net) and JPixTimeSheet(based on java,Platform independent tested on windows and ubuntu) is a screen capture Software product from, both are Automatic Screenshot picking product for your computer.It runs in the background of your computer, taking screenshots of your desktop every few seconds. With both you can play back your week just like a movie.

Use PixTimeSheet and JPixTimeSheet to:

* Keep track of your time using the screenshots.

* Make sure no one is using your computer without your knowledge

* Ideal for program testers and development shops to see how to reproduce a bug in their program products.
We are developing this product after the office hours at updates will not be so frequent, keep patients. Please provide your feedback and feature requests...

download jpixtimesheet form here

download pixtimesheet from here


  1. Try True Time Tracker -- free time tracking software

  2. What's the license for this product?
    Could we get the source of this application?

  3. PIX-Timesheet is a very good piece of software that gives an exact view of where employees are spending their main hours.
    You might also try employee software for time tracking. It also has the ability to create screenshots of employees activities. Easy to add new tasks, view lists and even mark tasks as completed.

  4. thanks for the comments and feedback. We will start working on it once we get time to work on it.

  5. Pix Time sheet is okay but could be improved for playback if it had a time displayed on the timeline at top of screen. Also having pressed Play there does not seem to be a pause to use if you find an interesting frame. Set delay to 0secs hoping that would do it but it said Invalid Value so have to put it to something large.
    Needs a little tidying up I feel on user interface.