Monday, November 7, 2011

JanLokPal - Not the option, but the need !!


Scam Calculation
1.Telecom scam = Rs 175000,0000000 (One lac Seventy-Five Thousand Crore)

2.CWG scam = Rs 750000000000 (Seventy-Five Thousand Crore)

Total amout (T) = 2500000000000 (Two lac Fifty-thousand Crore) (1+2)

India's population (P) = 1250000000 ( One Hundred and Twenty-Five Crore)

Money robbed by A.Raja and Kalmadi from each person's account (T/P) = 2000/-

Summary: This calculation simply demonstrates that just how Rs 2000/- has been robbed from each and every citizen's account. Its not from just one account in a family but considering if there are 4 persons in a family than Rs 2000 * 4 = Rs 8000/- has been stolen from our hard earned money. The calculation does not stops here....

Recenty Planning Commission of India considered Rs 32 per capita per day poverty line definition, considering the same:

Per person income (living under poverty line) = Rs 32/-
Person working for all 30 days in a month will earn = Rs 32 * 30 = Rs 960/- per month.
Persons (both husband and wife) working for 30 days will earn = Rs 960/- *2 = Rs 1920/-
Total family (of 4) income for a month = Rs 1920/- (considering both husband and wife working having 2 kids).

Money robbed from this family's account (considering 2 scams only) = Rs 2000/- * 4 = Rs 8000/-
Total income of this family (per month, considering both husband and wife are working for all 30days) = Rs 1920/- only.

Time required to earn the stolen money = 8000/ 1920 = 4.17 months.

If this family cant have even a single penny for 4+ months and can't afford the meal for 4+ long months than how a father can look into the eyes of his kids on each n every day, how a mother can answer her children when they ask for food, this frustration and embarrassment becomes the source of unlawful acts and illegal practices.......

Isn't this a more heinous act than what Kasab did, he killed people and he was from Pak but what about this internal terrorism in which people are deprived of meal for 4+ months n that too without any reason and the one who committed this crime too are the citizens of this country. Aren't they more dangerous, holding the Indian identity and stealing our money and that too holding such a responsible position in our country.

The telecom companies are increasing there tariffs and increasing the load on the common man to meet there losses due to the telecom scam, though this has never been said but its obvious after all they are doing business, no grudges with them.

Here I've mentioned just two scams to reduce the calculation complexity else there are many more to add viz: Adarsh Society scam, ISRO spectrum scam, Food scam......

If our Jan LokPal would have been into existence than these scams would have had been a story of any other country except ours.

I am feeling robbed by this govt and its intention and that's why I support Jan LokPal.

Support Jan-LokPal, Save the Country, Save our Motherland !!

Jai Hind !!

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